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Male models, actors using crazy supplement for low testosterone

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Testosterone is a very common name when it comes to men hormone. This multipurpose hormone plays a major role in many aspects of your health condition.

It is mostly known as the hormone which turns a boy into a man. But apart from the sexual effect, this hormone has many other functions in the human body. It has been proven that the level of testosterone decreases as the age goes up.

According to this Nugenix review, the time limit for different people can be different depending upon the lifestyle practice or genetic reasons. There are so many causes and effects which occur just because of the existence of a few hormones in your body. If you are not much aware of the hormone’s effect on your life and health, probably this topic would help you to relate few disorders that happen because of the low level of testosterone.

Nowadays one of the biggest disorder that exist in the human body known as Diabetes is also controlled or affected by this most important hormone in your body, Testosterone.

Idea about testosterone:

Testosterone is a hormone which is available in a human being and other animals. It is found in men majorly and a small amount in a woman’s body. Testosterone plays a vital role in the human body, and importantly, it should be present in adequate amount. Inefficiency of testosterone may lead to several diseases for boys. Your testosterone level should be balanced as high testosterone, or low testosterone can trouble you with lots of health problems.

Idea about diabetes:

Diabetes is a disorder where the sugar level in your body starts fluctuating. Glucose plays a major role in your body and it works as an energy source. If you are prone to diabetes, your glucose will not reach to all tissues, and it will block your system.

In some cases, diabetes is completely inherited by DNA, amongst all the parameters which control the level of sugar in the human body. Two types of diabetes are found in human body Type1 & Type2. You will be wondering, knowing the fact, diabetes is so common these days, that it has been found in a newborn baby’s blood. So do not be under the impression that you are too young to have the symptoms of diabetes in your blood. Around the world, many researchers found the existence of diabetes in the blood of people of different age group.

Though this, not a life-taking disease in most of the cases, but the effect is really huge in the human body. Once you get affected by these symptoms, you start facing so many restrictions in your life, especially applicable for diet and style of living that you were following so far.

How testosterone is related to diabetes (1) ?  

Testosterone helps to produce insulin. This insulin works as an indicator and helps glucose to reach all the tissues, but if your testosterone level is low, then it will not be able to produce insulin or if insulin is there in your body, it will not be sufficient to help glucose reach all tissues and will create blockage in your system.

You must be thinking how Low testosterone could be the reason for diabetes (2):

  • The human body is made of several vital organs. These organs are active because of some internal action which is controlled by an object known as Hormone. Testosterone is one of the most important hormones, which should be produced up to a certain quantity so that diabetes level gets controlled.
  • Initially, it’s difficult to understand the relation between testosterone and diabetes (3), but it can actually play a crucial role in your body and make you diabetic. Testosterone controls your sex life; it helps in sperm production and gives you masculine features. It has been seen in many cases that at old age when testosterone drops its normal level people tend to be more diabetic than at the early age of their life cycle.
  • Testosterone is present in a woman’s body too, though the amount is less but if the testosterone level is too low in the woman’s body, then it can cause infertility, less hair and difficulties in menstruation and it causes depression also. It breaks you internally, you feel the lack of confidence while talking to others.
  • Low testosterone blocks to produce insulin in your body, and if your body is not able to produce insulin it can cause blockage, your blood circulation and if your circulation is not happening properly, your body will fail to use glucose and can cause blockage in your system.
  • Obesity and testosterone go parallel; it has been shown in studies those who are obese are likely to have testosterone rather than that whore is slim and fit. If you are diabetic, you tend to become fatter and probably having less testosterone. Expert says if you are facing such problems you should do lots of exercises that will help you to increase the testosterone level in your body.
  • The study says those who are having a low testosterone death rate are higher than those who are normal because low testosterone creates several diseases directly or indirectly. The main reason for this theory is testosterone is one of the key factors which control many important symptoms like the level of sugar in the human blood.

Remedies which will be helpful for you:

You can’t change your low testosterone level to normal drastically, but if you follow healthy practices and maintain proper diet then slowly it will be normal. Don’t forget most of the time this sort of symptoms appears because of an unhealthy lifestyle. There is some treatment also what you can do externally by taking an injection or medicine, but it always better to consult with your health expert before taking any major decision.

To talk about remedy of this disorder, many health experts suggest undergoing continuous medication to increase the testosterone secretion which is very old and common method of treatment of diabetes. But there are very few modern treatment procedures which can help you to overcome the hormonal issue and fix diabetes permanently. But again which suits you best can be a matter of discussion with your physician.